YPACKYPACK: high performance polyhydroxyalkanoate-based packaging to minimise food waste.

Program: H2020

Duration: November 2017 – November 2020

Partners: Coordinator: CSIC. 20 partners.

Target: YPACK project comprises the scale-up and the commercial validation of two innovative biodegradable food packaging solutions (thermoformed tray and flow pack bag) based on PHA, with active properties and passive barrier.

These solutions will be developed to maintain or extend the shelf life of foodstuffs, reduce the food waste and minimize the environmental impact of packaging but taking into account the market trends. The results will be tested and validated in fresh products (meat, fruits & vegetables and fresh pasta), some of the most significant generators of food waste.

Tecnopackaging will lead the up-scaling of biodegradable multilayer film for flow-pack production and will manufacture it at large-scale for the end-client’s validation.