Circk-PackCirc-pack: Towards circular economy in the plastic packaging value chain.

Program: H2020-CIRC

Duration: 36 months, May 2017 - June 2020

Partners: The CIRC-PACK consortium includes 22 partners across the plastic packaging waste value chain, including plastic suppliers, converters, retailers, waste recovery managers from the public and the private sector, research organisations and non-profits. They come from six European countries: Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, plus Turkey.

Target: CIRC-PACK project aims at a more sustainable, efficient, competitive, less fossil fuel dependent, more integrated and interconnected plastic packaging value chain. To this end, we will work in three case studies developing, testing and validating better system-wide economic and environmental outcomes by:

  • Decoupling the chain from fossil feedstocks.
  • Reducing the negative environmental impact of plastic packaging.
  • Creating an effective after-use plastics economy

All in all, the work will be supported by non-technological analysis and advanced methodological analysis (including circular economy and industrial symbiosis principles) which will trigger a broad deployment of the tested solutions.

CIRC-PACK project will provide breakthrough biodegradable plastics using alternative biobased raw materials, which will have an instrumental role to play in the subsequence steps of the plastic value chain.

In addition, Tecnopackaging will participate in the eco-design of packaging for improving the end-of-life of multilayer packaging