barbaraBarbara: Biopolymers with advanced functionalities for building and automotive parts processed through additive manufacturing. 

Program: H2020-BBI

Duration: 36 months, September 2017 - September 2020

Partners: Aitiip (coordinator), Tecnopackaging, Nurel, Acciona, CRFiat, Universidad de Alicante, Fecoam, Celabor, Universitá de Perugia, KTH

Target: The target of BARBARA project is the development of novel bio-based engineering bioplastic materials to be validated in functional prototypes with advanced properties and innovative functionalities (mechanical, thermal resistance and aesthetical optical and texture, well-being: customised fragrance and antimicrobial) manufactured by Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) additive manufacturing technology for two demanding sectors: automotive and building. BARBARA project will forge and propel industries growth within the frame of European bioeconomy by boosting our community network and bringing together European platforms.