E-DDBIORESINSE-DDBIORESINS: Development and demonstration of innovative bio-resin-based polymers for industrial applications.

Program: Eureka | Eurostars eurekanetwork.org

Funded by: CDTI | 00140791/CIIP-2021100

Duration: 24 months, June 2021 – May 2023


Objetive:  Sustainability and Circular Economy are becoming the main indusrial and social pillars currently, since combating the climate change has been acknowledged as a European priority. This context is forcing industry to reformulate its strategies and production practices so as tu solve the single-use-plastics, by creating new bio-based materials. E-DDBIORESIN comes as an innovative settlement, demonstrating a novel bio-route for the development of biobased packaging solutions derived from renewable sources. The novel bio-route will rely on the extraction of resins from sustainably managed forests which, will be blended with biodegradable polyester. The goal is to produce two novel formulations through the modification and compatibilization of the resins with biodegradable polyester polymers (i.e PLA, PBAT, etc.) and starch. The resultingd biobased polymers will be developed for the manufacturing of three different 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging solutions lines for the agri-food sector (under the EN13432:2000 legislation):

  • Ultraweight fruit and vegetable bags
  • Semi-rigid trays.for meat and fish
  • Trays and film for fruits and vegetables


The innovative products will present improved processability, higher transparency and mechanical performance than the current comercial biodegradale alternatives. E-DDBIORESIN own bioplastic products aim to replace 90% today's polyethylene (benchmark) competitors (biobased packaging solutions within the food industry). The horizon of opportunities is encouraging for the E-DDBIORESINS proposal, since it is estimated that the global bioplastics production market will set a significant increase by 2024, up to 2.43 MT per year, as an innovative alternative to petrochemical polymers. In a few years, this bioplastic “boom” could generate a business volume valued at 50 billion euros. With the aim of aligning future developments to the new European legislation on single-use plastics, E-DDBIORESIN will also open new lines of research to cover a greater spectrum of replicability, through the study and development of a second range of products for the agri-food sector.


Eureka Eurostars


This project has received funding from the Eurostars-2 joint program with co-funding from CDTI and the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Program under grant agreement nº E 114728.