Tecnopackaging finalist in Third Millennium Awards by Heraldo de Aragon

Tecnopackaging has been selected as a finalist in the Third Millennium Awards in the category of eco-innovation, thanks in part to our commitment to environmental innovation.

The event aimed to recognize the work of individuals, groups and research centers, institutions and companies of Aragon, will announce the names of the winners in a public ceremony on Thursday 29 October.

Since Tecnopackaging use our knowledge and experience in driving CIRCULAR ECONOMY, helping to reduce waste production and limit energy consumption. Thus, not only it contributes to the efficiency of resource use, but also to reducing the carbon footprint.

Third Millennium Awards


In Tecnopackaging we set this goal through innovative research, such as the use of biopolymers or development of active system of food preservation more efficient and ecological. We are even getting relate our research with one of the most promising current technologies, such as 3D printing.

After 5 years of existence, Tecnopackaging has been able to develop important innovation projects, both nationally and internationally, that have placed us at the forefront of the sector, contributing decisively to the investigation of materials that ensure technological progress so efficient and sustainable.

In short, Tecnopackaging candidacy concentrates:

  • Environmental awareness
  • Innovative vision
  • Responsiveness to consumer demands
  • International vocation