EuroPHA 4th Consortium Meeting

Proyecto EuroPHA

Last Wedenesday October 14th 2015 was held the fourth consortium meeting (CM4) of the EuroPHA project at IBET facilities in Caparica, Lisbon.

At this fourth consortium meeting, lasts results about microbial community identification were presented, showing the fine-tuned of the culture process (raw formulae) where PHA inclusions in accumulating organisms were abundantly observed.

In addition, advances in optimizing the purification step (EMPA) and define yields and costs of this sensitive process were discussed. IDRO presented its work on the new pilot plan design (reactor of 50L capacity) as well as IBET showed results about the pilot plant setting up and running of first batches (IBET).

Proyecto EuroPHA

In relation to the developed biopolymer recipes (INSPIRALIA), film blowing compounds and foaming compounds based on “project PHA” obtained have been optimized and TECNO has tested some prior foaming formulae at industrial environment.

Finally, patentability and IP protection results (BPF, SPIF) has been other of the main points discussed during the meeting allowing the definition of proper exploitation and dissemination plans.


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