EuroPHA 2nd Consortium Meeting

Proyecto EuroPHA

Last Tuesday October 1st 2014, the second consortium meeting of the EuroPHA project (CM2) took place in Lyon (France) at L'espace tête d'or under the 5th Plastipolis Forum: International Business Convention for the Plastics Industry.

At this second consortium meeting, technical results obtained during the last half year were presented and discussed, in summary:

  • The final selection of agrowastes from those that optimise micro-organisms yield were presented by IBET.
  • Aligned to the previous activity, it was also shown the design of the pilot PHA reactor that will be built during 2015 for large production of PHA biopolymer. The software tool that will serve as controller for the acidogenesis of the process is also under construction.
  • Further results in green chemistry purification, a step needed for drawing apart the granules of biopolymer from the bacteria that generates it, were also exhibited by EMPA.
  • The partner INSPIRALIA has been developing the PHA formulae composition to be finally attained in the project so as to meet processable parameters for the final biopolymer.

Finally and as advanced in the previous CM1 post, we have at your disposal the first official brochure of the EuroPHA project. We invite you take a look at it and enjoy!

Proyecto EuroPHA

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