TECNOPACKAGING will develop 100% biodegradable bags and trays for food made from pine tree resin and sustainable polyester

  • E-DDBIORESINSThe European Project E-DDIBIORESIN, in which TECNOPACKAGING collaborates with other 3 partners from Spain and Portugal is funded by the European Commission with more than one million Euros.
  • A new material will be developed, combining resin extracted from pine trees and bioplastics to manufacture 100% biodegradable lightweight bags for fruits and vegetables and semirigid trays for fresh fish and meat. The target is to reduce the single- use- plastics environmental issue

Press release: European consortium to test new materials and manufacturing processes for organic printed electronics


  • The research is part of the European MADRAS project which will enable mass production of this type of electronics, known as OLAE, for accelerated time-tomarket.
  • Seen as a viable alternative to conventional electronics, OLAE devices include organic electronics printed on flexible surfaces such as plastic or paper.
  • Their applications range from producing smart packaging, roll-up displays and flexible solar cells to single-use diagnostic devices and printed batteries along with other innovations.