Plastic Materials

Plastics are probably the man-developed materials which offer a greater versatility, since they admit to be mixed with a variety of substances that give interesting new properties to the polymeric matrices.

Nowadays, the development of new materials with improved properties is one of the most attractive researching fields in the plastic industry , as well as the main activity of Tecnopackaging.

Using extrusion - compounding techniques, Tecnopackaging incorporates different nanoparticles to polymeric matrices to develop specific products that meet the needs of our customers.

Subsequently, the new developed materials are tested and characterized in our laboratory, ensuring compliance with the required standards.


Polymeric Matrices PP; LDPE; HDPE; PA6; PA6,6; ABS; PLA; PHB; PEI; PPS; PEEK


Additives HNT; CNT; Nanoclays; Ag2 O; Zn O2; Graphene; glass and carbon microfibers; foaming agents; ascorbic acid and maleic


Material Properties
  • thermal conductivity
  • conductivity
  • fire resistance
  • foaming capacity
  • gas permeability
  • anti-oxidant effect
  • anti - fungal and antimicrobial capacity
  • impact resistance
  • rigidity / flexibility
  • optical properties
  • density
  • processability
  • biocompatibility

All the products we work with are REACH compliant

Examples of projects:

  • Development of a newly formulated PHA with reduced production costs. EUROPHA
  • Development of high barrier material for the manufacture of packaging addressed to the food, cosmetics and/or pharmaceuticals markets.
  • Study and optimization of biodegradable materials
  • Development of a new renewable biopolymer