Multifunctional Packaging

The market for plastic packaging has grown enormously in the recent years because of the tendency to substitute materials such as glass and metal for plastic. Additionally, the packaging market is constantly evolving with the development of new technologies and production systems.

Do you need a container with improved gas barrier?
A container with anti - microbial and/or antioxidant properties?
Would you like to redesign your current packaging solution maintaining the same performance but using less material?

Ask us!

In Tecnopackaging, we help our clients to develop new packaging solutions in all types of formats that meet their needs 100%.


Multifunctional Packaging

  1. We analyze our customer´s needs, and list the requirements to be met by the new packaging: Functional aspects, potential requirements, market and consumer requirements, product packaging requirements, production, transport and distribution requirements…, among others.
  2. We develop a first proposal of solutions that can meet those requirements, analyze them in detail, and finally select the best alternative available that is feasible from a technical, economic and commercial point of view.
  3. We make the integral design of the new packaging, detailing concepts like material that is to be used, definitive forms, manufacturing processes that will be used to produce it....To do this, we use specialized software for design and modelling that allows us to obtain realistic images of the packaging and simulate its behavior.
  4. We manufacture a prototype of the new packaging on which we conduct various tests and checks before making the final mould. This stage allows changes in the design of the container, if required, more economically.
  5. We coordinate suitable mould manufacturing for the new packaging
  6. We manufacture short series of the new packaging

Examples of projects:

  • Design of and hybrid Wood -Plastic container for the fermentation and aging of wines.
  • Development of a new multifunctional container for preserving fishery products.
  • Using making Supercritical Fluids to improve the sustainability of food packaging
  • Development of new packaging solutions with lower environmental impact and improved barrier properties to extend the shelf- life of packaged products.